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Multidimensional Welfare Distributions: Empirical Applications Using Household Panel Data from Vietnam

Published on 17 June 2011

This article explores the empirical application of theoretical multidimensional welfare distribution analysis techniques to real household welfare distributions. The article operationalises recent conceptual developments in multidimensional distribution theory and assesses their usefulness for the measurement of multidimensional household inequality.

The results strongly highlight the importance of bringing nonmonetary aspects of household welfare into the forefront of inequality analysis. Agreement over the various approaches to the measurement of multidimensional inequality entails, however, nontrivial decisions that may limit the practical usefulness of these measures. We suggest that the use of multidimensional inequality ranges and the application of restrictive dominance criteria to multidimensional welfare distributions may open significant scope for further developments in the empirical analysis of multidimensional inequality.


Patricia Justino

Professorial Fellow

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Justino, P.
Applied Economics, volume 44, issue 29


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