IDS Bulletin Vol. 30 Nos. 3

New Global Regulatory Mechanisms and the Environment:

Published on 1 July 1999

Summary This article seeks to highlight the emerging linkage between the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). This relationship is seen against a background of liberalisation, and more generally of profound changes in the structure of global governance. Indeed, after having promoted deregulation on a massive scale, the time seems to be ripe to reintroduce regulation, albeit in a new format. Standards, especially environmental standards, appear to provide new forms of global regulation. As a result, we witness the emergence of new forms of actor arrangements, dominated by private, as opposed to public actors.

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Finger, M. and Tamiotti, L. (1999) New Global Regulatory Mechanisms and the Environment: . IDS Bulletin 30(3): 8-15

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Institute of Development Studies


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