Range Ecology at Disequilibrium: New Models of Natural Variability and Pastoral Adaptation in African Savannas

Published on 1 January 1993

This book reviews recent biological research on African rangelands and highlights the management implications for future donor and national government policy. The relationship between livestock numbers and range degradation is debated, and more appropriate techniques for the assessment of rangeland carrying capacity and degradation are proposed.

Contributors argue that the mainstream view of range science is fundamentally flawed in its application to certain rangeland ecologies and forms of pastoral production. If range management is to be of any use in these settings, conventional theories and recommended management practices require not minor adjustment but a thorough re-examination.


Ian Scoones

Professorial Fellow

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Behnke Jnr, R.H., Scoones, I., Kerven, C.
Behnke Jnr, R.H., Ian Scoones and Carol Kerven
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