Representative Decentralization vs. Participatory Decentralization: A Critical Analysis of Local Government Plan 2000

Published on 4 January 2005

This collection of essays offers an examination of dectralised governance,particularly in the context of a dynamic, globalising world. It contains detailed analyses, by eminent scholars and administrators, based on empirical studies and decentralisation paradigms and models of developed and developing countries, with an overarching focus on India’s panchyati raj institutions.

This is a collection is dedicated to Dr George Mathew, by eminent scholars and academics on decentralised governance and its importance in a globalising world.  The Seventy third constitution Amendment Act of 1992, by making PRIs mandatory, was a historic move towards deepening democracy and advancing development through decentralisation. Decentralisation programmes in other countries (e.g South Africa and Pakistan ) are also reviewed. The book offers a comprehensive account of development and governance at the grassroots through a broad canvas of multiperspective and interdisciplinary presentations.


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Shandana Khan Mohmand

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Mohmand, S.
Decentralization and Local Governance - Jain, L.


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