Towards a Development Round

Published on 1 January 1999

There have been calls for the various issue-specific WTO negotiations scheduled to begin over the next couple of years to be broadened into a Millennium or Development Round. The agenda for the Round is yet to be decided, but it could include issues beyond those discussed in Briefings 1-9.

This Briefing “fills in the gaps” with analysis of the expanding remit of trade policy, the role of the Dispute Settlement Understanding (DSU), the future of preferences, and the challenge of measuring the impact of tradepolicy on development and the relief of poverty. It is important that developing countries play an active role in all the negotiations that are launched in Geneva, since they will be affected by the outcome. But many are ill-placed to transform their numerical strength within the WTO into an effective presence. Their continued commitment to the system may depend upon their overcoming these difficulties, partly with external assistance.

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Stevens, C.
Trade & Investment Background Briefing, issue 10