Trade and Development – A Forgotten Issue?

Published on 3 December 2012

Post-2015 discussions are in full swing – debating what a new, sustainable development agenda ought to look like. The Future we want – outcome document of the Rio Summit held earlier this year, noted that “sustained economic growth for reduction of poverty, inequality and vulnerability will require strengthened partnerships among governments, the private sector and civil society to make sure that international trade, national and foreign direct investments contribute to productive employment creation, economic security and investments in health, education, rural development, water and sanitation while safeguarding human rights and empowering women.” It speaks of a fair and stable global trading system as an enabler of suchdevelopment.

An earlier version of this article called ‘Year of double opportunity – or double risk?Some prospects for 2013‘, can be found in World Economy & Development In Brief, Issue 6/Nov-Dec, Luxembourg


Gabriele Köhler

Honorary Associate

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