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Health and Nutrition
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Stephen Thompson is a social scientist with over a decades' experience of working on development issues. His research interests include health, nutrition, disability and education. He has worked for both research institutes and non-government organisations in both Europe and Africa. He has researched and published on blindness and visual impairment, with a particular focus on human resources for health and uncorrected refractive error. His doctoral thesis was on the social and economic impact of visual impairment in Mozambique.

He currently works for the Health & Education Advice & Resource Team (HEART). Based at the Institute of Development Studies, he helps time-pressured decision-makers better understand, interpret and apply health, nutrition and education evidence. As part of a team, he provides the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) with support for the use of evidence and expert advice in policymaking.

Stephen was formally the Project Manager for the Mozambique Eyecare Project. He joined IDS in 2012. As a former African Vision Research Institute (AVRI) Post Graduate Student, Stephen has continued his involvement with AVRI, contributing to good eye health practices on the African continent through sound research and evidence generation that leads to change in policy.

A five-year DFID-funded Evidence and Knowledge for Development (K4D) programme consortium led by IDS.

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Disability and Development.