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CDI PP8 Front Cover

Assessing Impact in Dynamic and Complex Environments: Systemic Action Research and Participatory Systemic Inquiry

This CDI Practice Paper is about the uses of Systemic Action Research (SAR) and Participatory Systemic Inquiry (PSI) for impact assessment (Burns 2006, 2007, 2011, 2012, 2013; Wadsworth 2001, 2010). More details

ER95 Front Cover

Indian Development Cooperation: the State of the Debate

India’s recent development cooperation activities with the South have provoked global curiosity. Two factors shape this interest. More details

ER94 Front Cover

A Review of Strategic Foresight in International Development

The purpose of this review is to provide an overview of the published and grey literatures relating to the use of foresight-type approaches and techniques in policy-related work in international development. More details

PB74 Front Cover

Using Foresight to Cope with Uncertainty

In an increasingly uncertain world where resources are limited, foresight thinking and approaches provide a critical way for governments and communities to understand and plan for the future. More details

ER93 Front Cover

Senior International Associate Report (Ambuj Sagar): Meeting Multiple Energy Challenges: Lessons from India

The Rising Powers in International Development (RPID) programme includes a provision for drawing on the experience of senior policymakers and policy advisers. This ‘Senior International Associates’ scheme is an effective way of injecting policy experience from the Rising Powers directly into the work of the RPID. More details

ER92 Front Cover

Business and International Development: Is Systemic Change Part of the Business Approach?

Systems thinking has started to appear within the discourse around 'business and development', as governments, donors and NGOs are increasingly seeking to leverage private initiatives to have broad impacts on development goals. More details

ER90 Front Cover

Policy Options to Enhance Markets for Nutrient-Dense Foods in Tanzania

There is an urgent need to reduce alarming rates of undernutrition in Tanzania. This report analyses options for policies and interventions to improve the functioning of markets that deliver nutrient-dense foods. More details

PB72 Front Cover

Ensuring that Food Fortification will Reach the Poor in Tanzania

Tanzania has introduced a mandatory food fortification programme to tackle the country’s high rates of undernutrition. Experience from other countries shows that fortification can add vital micronutrients into commonly eaten foods at a low cost. More details

ER91 Front Cover

Rising Powers in International Development: the State of the Debate in South Africa

South Africa occupies an interesting position in the international development debate. On the one hand, as Africa’s most developed, diversified and, until recently, largest economy representing close to one-third of sub-Saharan Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP), it is an active player in numerous global governance and development fora. More details

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