IDS Researchers produce a huge range of material – including journal articles, research and evidence reports, policy and rapid response briefings, and working papers – often co-publishing with partner organisations.

As part of IDS’ commitment to making knowledge available and relevant to those who can use it to bring about positive change, the majority of IDS publications and co-publications are freely available to download. In addition, IDS Fellows contribute regularly to the flagship IDS journal, the IDS Bulletin and to many other development-related journals. 

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This is the cover to Food, Markets and Nutrition: Maximizing the Impacts of Private Sector Engagement in Tanzania.

Food, Markets and Nutrition: Maximizing the Impacts of Private Sector Engagement in Tanzania

This report summarizes the findings of a workshop for representatives of Tanzanian government, development partners, civil society and private sector organisations, hosted by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) on 30 March 2015. More details


Tangled Ties: Al-Shabaab and Political Volatility in Kenya

IDS Evidence Report 130 (2015)

In recent years, a spate of attacks has destabilised a swathe of Kenya’s peripheral counties as well as bringing terror to its capital, Nairobi. As violent insecurity spreads, it has fomented fear and stoked ethnic and regional divisions, precipitating security crackdowns and roiling the country’s infamously tumultuous politics. More details


BOOSHTEE! Survival and Resilience in Ethiopia

IDS Evidence Report 129 (2015)

Although homosexuality is illegal in Ethiopia, same-sex behaviour is not prosecuted because the government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia views homosexuality as a low law enforcement priority. More details

This is the fron cover for IDS Rapid Response Breifing 10.

Understanding Insurgent Margins in Kenya, Nigeria and Mali

IDS Rapid Response Briefing 10 (2015)

In recent years, violent insurgency has gripped the margins of Kenya, Mali and Nigeria. Militant Islamist groups have attacked civilian populations, state security personnel and political-administrative officials, spreading insecurity across large areas and exploiting the mistrust between societies at the margins and central authorities. More details

This is the front cover to Achieving Meaningful Accountability for
People Living in Poverty and Marginalisation.

Achieving Meaningful Accountability for People Living in Poverty and Marginalisation

Participate Briefing (2015)

Meaningful accountability can shift power imbalances that prevent sustainable development for people living in poverty and marginalisation. Accountability consists of both the rights of citizens to make claims and demand a response, and the involvement of citizens in ensuring that related action is taken. More details


National Development Banks in the BRICS: Lessons for the Post-2015 Development Finance Framework

IDS Policy Briefing 93 (2015)

In 2015, the framework to succeed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will be agreed. As described in the outcome document of the United Nations Rio+20 conference, The Future We Want, the mobilisation and effective use of stable, sufficient and suitable development finance must be a crucial part of this framework. More details


China’s Development Finance: Ambition, Impact and Transparency

IDS Policy Briefing 92 (2015)

In a context of lagging reform in the Bretton Woods institutions, China has brought the debate on its role as a rising power in global economic governance onto the front pages, notably with the divided response of ‘the West’ to membership in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), which is to be headquartered in Beijing. More details


Straws-in-the-wind, Hoops and Smoking Guns: What can Process Tracing Offer to Impact Evaluation?

CDI Practice Paper 10 (2015)

This CDI Practice Paper by Melanie Punton and Katharina Welle explains the methodological and theoretical foundations of process tracing, and discusses its potential application in international development impact evaluations. More details

This is the cover to Citizen participation and accountability for sustainable development.

Citizen Participation and Accountability for Sustainable Development

IDS Report (2015)

This report articulates three strategies by which the poorest and most marginalised have attempted to ensure accountability from national and global policymakers to local people. More details

This is the front cover to IDS Working Paper 454.

Building a Resilient Health System: Lessons from Northern Nigeria

IDS Working Paper 454 (2015)

The overarching aim of this paper is to address the issue of building resilient health systems in the context of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa which has brought renewed attention to this challenge. The paper highlights insight gained from two decades work creating resilient health systems in Nigeria—in Northern Nigeria in particular. In highlighting how the “simple” basics of outbreak control More details

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