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ER67 Front Cover

Maternal Mental Health in the Context of Community-based Home Visiting in a Re-engineered Primary Health Care System: A Case Study of the Philani Mentor Mothers Programme

This document constitutes a briefing summary of the case study of a maternal mental health intervention in South Africa, the Philani Mentor Mothers Programme. More details

IDS publications on international development research

Participate Proposal for Post-2015 Targets

The Participate initiative provides high quality evidence on the reality of poverty at ground level, bringing the perspectives of the poorest into the post-2015 debate. The research demonstrates that there are certain focus areas that need to be addressed to achieve sustainable positive change in the lives of the poorest and most marginalised. More details

This is the cover of the Briefing for a Evidence Report, 'Agency and Citizen in a Context of Gender-Based Violence'.

Agency and Citizenship in a Context of Gender-based Violence

This pilot evaluation explores how citizenship and agency among social activists can be fostered in contexts of urban violence at the local level. More details

This is the image for the book ' Explorations in Development Practice'.

Into the Unknown: Explorations in Development Practice

Robert Chambers reflects on experiences, which led him to examine personal biases and predispositions, and he challenges readers to examine the pervasive significance of power in forming and framing knowledge. Into the Unknown reflects on the journey of learning, and encourages readers to learn from observation, curiosity, critical feedback, play and fun. More details

ER66 Front Cover

Policy Options to Enhance Markets for Nutrient-Dense Foods in Nigeria

This report analyses policy options for reducing undernutrition in Nigeria by improving the functioning of markets and the private sector in providing food. The report identifies specific constraints that inhibit businesses from providing these foods, and reviews experiences with five policy strategies to address this problem. More details

Non-IDS publication

Good Practices for Effective Participation in Social Protection Design and Implementation

This short article looks at how participation can provide some answers to overcoming the tendency for elite capture in social protection programmes. More details

ER65 Front Cover

Mapping Value Chains for Nutrient-Dense Foods in Nigeria

This report details the findings of an analysis of value chains for several nutrient-dense foods in Nigeria. More details

This is the image for IDS Policy Briefing 58, 'Using Local IT Solutions to Improve Local Government Tax Reform'.

Using Local IT Solutions to Improve Local Government Tax Reform

Appropriate information technology systems are critical to realising the local government tax reforms that are the focus of growing international attention. More details

ER64 Front Cover

The Role of Businesses in Providing Nutrient-Rich Foods for the Poor: Two Case Studies in Nigeria

This report presents case studies of two Nigerian food-processing businesses and analyses their efforts to produce nutrient-rich foods for undernourished populations. More details

PB57 Front Cover

Policing Urban Violence: Lessons from South Asia

As densely populated urban centres emerge as economic powerhouses where global GDP is concentrated, they are also increasingly vulnerable to shocks of violence and insecurity. More details

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