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Future of food: burgers…or bugs?

18 May 2016 18:00–19:30

SILO Restaurant,
39 Upper Gardner Street,
East Sussex BN1 4AN

How and what we eat, the journey it’s been through and how much is left is over has a huge impact on the world’s resources. With population growth, climate change, diet-related diseases and huge inequality in the food system, do we need to take a fresh look at what’s on our plate?

From eating edible insects, to algae or lab-cultured meat, to developing local, small-scale farming and tackling waste reduction, how can we adapt and what will be the future of food? Come discuss and taste some bugs! At Brighton’s zero-waste restaurant, SILO.



Each of the discussants will the address the question ‘What could the future of food look like?’

The discussion will be opened up for wider audience participation and Q&A session. The event will finish with food tasting, including edible bugs!

This Brighton Fringe event is jointly organised by IDS and SPRU.

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