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Contested Agronomy: Four big questions to debate

We have just finished a fantastic conference co-hosted by the STEPS Centre on 'Contested Agronomy' with 80 participants and a vibrant discussion. I was asked to give some comments at the end. Here are some of these thoughts.

25 February 2016


Exporting China and Brazil’s agricultural know-how to Africa

Can China and Brazil use their home grown agricultural knowledge which has driven phenomenal agricultural productivity at home to transform agriculture in Africa? That was one of many questions discussed at the Contested Agronomy conference.

25 February 2016


Contested agronomy: more heat than light?

Ahead of the Contested Agronomy Conference, this blog post sets the stage for the debate and provides new insights to the understanding of knowledge politics within development-oriented agronomy, and the implications in the developing world.

Image of James Sumberg
James Sumberg & 3 others

18 February 2016