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Edmilson Ângelo

Postgraduate Researcher

Edmilson Ângelo is a Postgraduate Researcher who works in the areas of International Relations, South-South cooperation, democratisation and political participation with major focus on Angola.  

Edmilson holds a bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations and a Masters degree in African Studies from the University of Oxford. He has over five years of experience in international development as founder and trustee of Change 1’s Life CIO, an international NGO working on the fields of education, energy, health and environment protection in Sub-Saharan Africa. Edmilson has consulted for a range of national and international public and private bodies, especially within the diplomatic sphere of Angola, and is also an analyst and columnist of African Politics at BBC News and other national and international channels and newspapers such as VerAngola.

Edmilson’s PhD thesis, titled ‘China as a democratic force in Africa:  Angola’s middle class and the birth of the aspirational voter’, is supervised by Miguel Loureiro, Alex Shankland and Eric Kasper .


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An evolution of Youth, Social Media and Protest in Angola

Despite severe restrictions implemented by governments in many countries to combat the current Covid-19 pandemic, protest and demonstrations have continued to take place around the world. In Angola, like elsewhere in Africa and beyond, these protests are being led by the youth with many...

15 April 2021

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