Santiago Ripoll

Santiago Ripoll - Research Officer

This project will examine potential pathways for transitioning to more sustainable food systems in order to contribute to improved ecological, economic, social and nutritional outcomes.

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The Social Science in Humanitarian Action: A Communication for Development Platform aims to establish networks of social scientists with regional and subject expertise to rapidly provide insight, analysis and advice, tailored to demand and in accessible forms, to better design and implement the social and communication dimensions of emergency responses.

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Pathways towards Agroecological Food Systems: Small-scale Farmers at the Centre of the Transitions

Now more than ever, evidence overwhelmingly concludes that our food systems are not currently working to nourish our populations, ecosystems, economies, or social connections. Agroecological approaches have been shown as having potential to address many of these problems in the mainstream food system, particularly when combined with concepts of food sovereignty, which localise control, and place More details


Failing Young People? Addressing the Supply-side Bias and Individualisation in Youth Employment Programming

IDS Evidence Report 216 (2017)

International development actors increasingly focus on youth employment as a key development challenge. More details

IDS publications on international development research

The Transformative Potential of Agroecological Farmers: An Analysis of Food System Strategies Developed through Participatory Processes in Nicaragua and the UK

In the current social system which tends to marginalise small scale producers, frame the interests of consumers as antithetical to those of producers, and force producers to compete against one another, there are questions about the extent to which strategies and alliances identified by agroecological farmers would be sufficiently transformative (or ‘radical’ according to Holt-Giménez and Shattuck More details

Whose problem? Fixing our food systems

22 Jun 2017
By Santiago Ripoll

Thematic Expertise:
Youth Employment and Politics.