Potential of Mining PPPs to Strengthen Health Systems and Extend Health Services to Underserved Populations

This project has been designed to examine the scope for mining industry public-private partnerships (PPP) to strengthen health systems and extend health services to underserved populations. The partnership between IDS, HPI, IBLF and Montrose Africa Ltd combines cutting edge health systems research with extensive practical experience in health PPPs and a demonstrated track record of translating research into policy.

The partnership will analyse the best approaches to strengthening health systems and extending services to the poor including disease-specific health services, through PPPs with the mining sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. A particular emphasis will be put on ways these initiatives can contribute to broader governance and system strengthening by building capacity within the public sector and civil society and characterising the most cost effective methods for doing so. We will aim to show how counterpart investment can result in improved health outcomes for the poor in the short term while contributing to an enduring legacy of greater health equity.

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start date
2 May 2011
end date
30 April 2012


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Health Inclusive Economies


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