Unlocking the Potential for Future India-UK Trade and Development

This is a 3-year project, funded by UK Economic and Social Research council (ESRC). The project will run from 2021-24, in partnership with the UK Trade Policy Observatory (UKTPO) at University of Sussex, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), and the Centre for Development economics at the Delhi School of Economics (DSE).

The research is aimed at understanding which factors stimulate or hamper trade relations between the UK and India through analysis at various levels – generating macro and micro evidence on effects, considering not just the trade flows generated or inhibited, but also likely effects on development outcomes – skills, jobs, and poverty, focusing on mutually beneficial partnerships for effective development. We also intend to contribute to policy and practice of designing a future strengthened UK-India relationship by engaging policy makers and industry associations early on with the research, as well as and inviting them to review and discuss findings and lessons, as we also aim to analyse the realities of implementing the findings.

Regular updates will be added on this page as the project progresses over the three years. Further details are available on request from the team.

Check out our UKTPO podcast on the rapidly evolving UK-India trade relationship.

Project details

start date
1 February 2021
end date
31 January 2024


About this project



Image of Amrita Saha

Amrita Saha

Research Fellow

Image of Ingo Borchert

Ingo Borchert

UK Trade Policy Observatory

Image of Mattia Di Ubaldo

Mattia Di Ubaldo

UK Trade Policy Observatory

Image of Simon Jeavons

Simon Jeavons

Senior Project Support Officer

Recent work

Past Event

Inclusive trade

Trade links: New rules for a new world

In this seminar, James Bacchus explained how to bring the World Trade Organization (WTO) into the twenty-first century, exploring the ways it can be utilized to combat future pandemics and climate change and advance sustainable development, all while continuing to foster free trade. Watch...

16 June 2022

Past Event

Inclusive trade

Trade and poverty: What do we know?

'Trade and poverty’ has absorbed huge amounts of research over the last two decades but it has failed to provide a definitive general answer to the question ‘does increased trade reduce poverty?' Watch now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7AwgTCYf6g This seminar provided an overview...

17 March 2022

Specialist short course

Making Trade Policy Inclusive (online)

This course provides a comprehensive package to advance understanding of inclusion in international trade and trade policy – covering poverty, gender, human rights, sustainability and power asymmetries.

From 1 September 2022 until 22 September 2022


Pathway to UK-India Free Trade Agreement: call for focused advocacy

India and the UK are set to launch free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations in November 2021, with the aim of an interim agreement in early 2022. In preparation for this, the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) and Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) recently undertook a...

Image of Amrita Saha

Amrita Saha & 2 others

20 October 2021


The future of UK-India trade and development – part two

As the Covid-19 crisis continues across India, the pandemic has highlighted a new dimension to the UK-India partnership, particularly in health and vaccine supply and distribution.  And despite the UK Prime Minister’s intended trip to India being cancelled due to the second wave of Covid-19,...

Image of Amrita Saha

Amrita Saha & 2 others

30 April 2021


The future of UK-India trade and development – part one

The Covid-19 outbreak currently devastating India meant that the UK Prime Minister’s intended visit this month had to be cancelled, and for now it appears the trade talks will be on hold, while the immediate crisis rightly takes priority. However, longer-term, the two countries’ ‘Enhanced...

Image of Amrita Saha

Amrita Saha & 2 others

28 April 2021