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Inclusive trade

International trade generates winners and losers – posing the more challenging question of what can be done about it.  This seminar series engages with academic debates, policy and practice on international trade and development outcomes, critically exploring different dimensions of inclusion for trade.

Several mechanisms, interventions and development programmes have been designed to come to grips with the reality of identifying the heterogeneous effects from trade and supporting those affected by changes in trade policy and trade flows. However, it has remained complex to capture the full extent of direct and indirect effects of these changes. This challenge has been exacerbated with increased trade restrictions; trade wars between larger economies; and, more recently, the Covid-19 pandemic that has created unprecedented disruptive effects. However, the vision of a truly progressive trade policy does not imply restricting trade but stimulating trade with a core commitment to identifying pathways to trade and trade policy that result in inclusive development outcomes.

In this seminar series, we seek to engage with key issues that create unequal outcomes or inequities for certain groups when engaging in trade or trade related activities; trade policies or initiatives that can address these issues; and finally, ways to support and empower groups to allow for truly inclusive trade policies and equitable growth and development. The series is guided by the objective of contributing towards better understanding the different dimensions that encompass inclusive trade.

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