Growth is Dead, Long Live Growth: The Quality of Economic Growth and Why it Matters

Editor Haddad, L., Kato, H. and Meisel, N.
Publisher JICA Research Institute
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As the signs of negative impact of global climate change are becoming evident, and especially in the aftermath of the global economic turndown, societies had a choice --- either reframe their definition of growth, or try to pursue it, growth as we have known it for many decades.

There are many issues around policy debates on the quality of growth: job creation, equality, inclusiveness, the promotion of the resilience of growth, etc. The JICA Research Institute has been conducting joint research on the quality of growth since 2012 in collaboration with the French Development Agency (AFD) and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS).

This book, a collection of papers which address the following key questions:

  • What growth do we mean by the most desirable development?
  • How can we advance the growth for achieving its aims?
  • What are the dimensions of growth quality we should most care about, and how do we measure this? 

It represents an effort of the researchers of the three institutions to contribute to the deepening and widening of international debate on such issues, and is the outcome of a series of joint research activities.

Book launch - resources

AFD hosted a launch for the book on 26 January 2015.

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