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Lawrence Haddad

Honorary Associate

Lawrence Haddad has left IDS, and is now Executive Director of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN).

Lawrence is the former Director at the Institute of Development Studies (2004-2014). He is an economist and his main research interests are at the intersection of poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition.

Prior to that, Lawrence was Director of the International Food Policy Research Institute’s Food Consumption and Nutrition Division and Lecturer in Development Economics at the University of Warwick. His field research has been in the Philippines, India and South Africa. He has a PhD from Stanford University. An economist, he was selected for the latest Who’s Who in Economics (Elgar).

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Analysing Nutrition Governance

The project examines what factors enable governments to commit to national nutrition strategies and deliver appropriate nutrition policies in the long run.


Public Perceptions of International Development in the UK

With the world economy in a major downturn, the stakes for developing countries could not be higher. Public support for international development and aid will play a key role. But is there a domestic consensus on the UK's role in international development and what are its contours?


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