IBEKA: Community-owned and Managed Mini Grids in Indonesia

Published on 1 April 2020

Institut Bisnis dan Ekonomi Kerakyatan (IBEKA), or People Centred Economic and Business Institute, supports rural electrification by installing small-scale hydro or wind mini grids and setting up village-based organisations to own, maintain and operate the systems. Elements that support participation include community ownership of energy infrastructure (mini grid) alongside community-managed enterprises to run them. Revenue generated from the mini-grids are shared through a community fund and spent based on collective decision-making.

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Cannon, M.; Thorpe, J and Silvia Emili (2020) IBEKA: Community-owned and Managed Mini Grids in Indonesia, Case Summary No. 18, Brighton: IDS

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Mariah Cannon

Research Officer

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Silvia Emili

Research Assistant

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