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Journal of Peacebuilding 5.2

Introduction: security in the vernacular and peacebuilding at the margins; rethinking violence reduction

Published on 22 February 2017

This article introduces a Peacebuilding special issue on rethinking security, peacebuilding and violence reduction in the light of Sustainable Development Goal 16 on ‘promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development’.

The special issue presents new analysis and case studies, which aim to challenge and refresh the established policy consensus around violence reduction and security. They are distinctive in focusing upon the vernacular or local understandings of those at the receiving end of direct and structural violence; and in analysing the insurgent margins where violence and insecurity are most concentrated.


Jeremy Lind

Research Fellow

Robin Luckham

Emeritus Fellow

Publication details

Lind, J. and Luckham, R.
Journal of Peacebuilding, Special Issue: Security in the Vernacular, volume 5, issue 2


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