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IDS discussion papers;344

Linking Relief and Development

Published on 1 January 1994

This Discussion Paper reports on a workshop on ‘Linking Relief and Development’, held at IDS, Sussex in March 1994. Development and relief often operate at cross-purposes, with different objectives, cultures and modes of operation.

Change which leads to mutual reinforcement of the two is an attractive, even a necessary idea; though problematic in the growing number of cases where emergencies are related to conflict. A simple linear sequence, ‘relief-rehabilitation-development’ is not appropriate: more dynamic models are required, which recognize the complexity and diversity of livelihood strategies. And in selecting interventions, analysis is needed of cost, sequencing and institutional issues.

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Ross, J., Maxwell, S. and M. Buchanan-Smith (1994) Linking relief and development. IDS Discussion Paper 344. Brighton: IDS.

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IDS Discussion Paper, issue 344
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