Planning Exceptionalism? The Political Economy of Climate Resilient Development in Bangladesh

Published on 1 September 2013

The book outlines the climate change adaptation actions in Bangladesh drawing examples and lessons from the output of the Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme and other experiences of the country.

The content is based on the screening of available documents, consultative workshop with the academicians from different universities undertaking disaster risk reduction higher education programs, and editors’ own knowledge and experiences in the related field.

The book has four parts: Part I provides the outline of climate change impacts with scenario, negotiations, and specific impacts on sea-level rise and health sectors. Part II focuses on strategy and action plan. Part III focuses on socio-economic impacts in terms of economic and environmental cost. Part IV discusses adaptive actions for agriculture, livelihood and integrated approach of agriculture and fisheries.

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Alam, K., Tanner, T., Rashid, A.K.M.M., Ullah, S., Shamsuddoha, M., Sultana, M., Huq, M. J. and Kabir, S. S.
Shaw, R., Mallick, F. and Islam, A.


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