Business, Markets and the State Position Paper 4

Transforming Food Markets for Social Good

Published on 29 April 2020

Access to nutritious food is a human right, for which households increasingly rely on the functioning of markets. However, food markets and the value chains that supply them are in transition in many parts of the world.

IDS is leading research on food systems, within which the Business, Markets and the State cluster has researched the potential for food markets to improve access to quality and affordable food, produced sustainably, and contribute to employment. There will always be trade-offs (e.g. fresh and high-quality food may be more expensive), so we work with policymakers and practitioners on how to understand and best manage these and work towards delivering more effective policy and interventions.

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Maestre, M.; Quak, E.J. and Thorpe, J. (2020) 'Transforming Food Markets for Social Good', Business, Markets and the State Position Paper Series 4, Brighton: IDS


Evert-jan Quak

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Jodie Thorpe

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Mar Maestre,

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