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Evert-Jan Quak

Research Officer

Evert-jan joined IDS in 2018. He is a researcher with an interest in development economics, in particular around value chain development, international trade and investments, and private sector development. He works in the K4D programme, supporting learning and the use of evidence to improve the impact of development policy and programmes for DFID. He is part of Business, Markets and the State Cluster, which investigates how and under what conditions businesses and market systems enable or constrain pathways for positive development, and the role of the state in these processes.

As part of the K4D team, he helps time-pressured decision-makers working in development better understand, interpret and apply evidence, providing rapid reviews of available evidence. Part of the K4D programme, he works as lead researcher for DFID Learning Journeys, such as on Changing Food Systems and Supporting a Demographic Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa. Within BMAS he was involved in research on meaningful participation for economic advancement, and research on the impact of private sector development interventions on youth employment.

Evert-jan previously worked as a knowledge broker for the Food & Business Knowledge Platform and The Broker in the Netherlands. He has a broad experience in the development sector, working as a journalist, policy advisor and researcher. He is the author of the book “Het Onzichtbare Label” (Dutch – The Invisible Label, KIT Publishers, 2009), which is a personal search to understand the complexity of international value chains. He has an MSc in International Economics & Economic Geography from the University of Utrecht.



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PEKKA: Women-Headed Household Empowerment

Case Summary No. 7

Grass-roots member-owned cooperatives for female heads of households in rural Indonesia (PEKKA) empower the female members through three economic activities: community-based microfinance through savings and borrowing; a closed trading and marketing system, branded as PEKKA Mart; and economic...

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Evert-Jan Quak & 2 others

31 March 2020


Drivers, Challenges and Opportunities for Job Creation in the Sahel

K4D Helpdesk Report;455

This review synthesises the literature from academic, policy and institutions sources on the drivers of job creation in the Sahel countries Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger. The report first shows a baseline on employment in the five Sahel countries. A more detailed look at the...

15 October 2018

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