K4D Helpdesk Report

Violent Extremism and Terrorism in Yemen

Published on 31 July 2017

This rapid review synthesises findings from rigorous academic, practitioner, and policy references, focusing on research produced after 2014 and the most recent escalation of conflict in Yemen, in order to examine the drivers behind, and the (un)appeal of, violent extremism in the country. As a conflict site, Yemen has been much under reported and researched and as a result there are limited studies on the various dynamics of violent extremism in Yemen. Consequently, this report will also point to research gaps and highlight areas where further research on violent extremism in Yemen is needed.

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O’Driscoll, D. (2017). Violent Extremism and Terrorism in Yemen. K4D Helpdesk Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.

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O’Driscoll, Dylan


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