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Working Paper

How Will the EU’s Response to the GATT Round Affect Developing Countries?

IDS Working Paper 11

The paper makes an initial analysis of the trade policy changes that the EU will implement to give effect to its GATT Round commitments. It focuses mainly on tariff changes in three areas: industrial products of interest to developing countries, temperate agricultural products, and goods on...

1 December 1994

Journal Article

Linking Relief and Development


The basic idea of linking relief and development is simple and sensible. But what is involved in practice and what are the barriers preventing it? This IDS Bulletin presents a collection of articles on the issues involved, a number of case studies, and perspectives from several leading...

3 October 1994

Journal Article

The Structural Adjustment of Structural Adjustment: SSA 1980-1993

IDS Bulletin Volume 25 No. 3

Structural adjustment can be dated to the World Bank's 1981 Accelerated Development (Berg) Report, albeit precursor World Bank programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa (e.g. Togo, Malagasy Republic) date to the late 1970s.

1 July 1994

Journal Article

Introduction: Information, Knowledge and Power

IDS Bulletin 47.6

The idea that ‘knowledge itself is power’ is not new; but at the global level, this dictum is now truer than ever, as a result of rapid advances in information technology in the North. Increasingly, knowledge (including the capacity to create it) is becoming a key economic input which, at...

Susanna Davies

26 April 1994