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Democratization in the South: The Jagged Wave

This book explores the political dynamics of the recent wave of democratization in developing societies. Within a broad comparative perspective, the book focuses on the particular experience of four countries - South Korea, Ghana, Zambia and Chile.

1 January 1996


Second Nature

West Africa's transition zone is one of the world's most ecologically fragile areas and is widely assumed to be experiencing a deforestation crisis. For a century experts have held villagers responsible.

1 January 1996

Working Paper

Programme Aid as an Appropriate Policy Response to Drought

IDS working papers;34

This paper puts forward the argument for programme aid as a policy response to drought. It suggests its importance lies in the initial impact of the aid transfer, and in the additional opportunities thereby made available to carry out strategic policy.

1 January 1996

Journal Article

Poverty, Policy and Aid


The World Bank's new strategy for poverty reduction was launched in the World Development Report of 1990. This issue of the Bulletin re-examines the Bank's new poverty agenda focusing on three key issues: the meaning and measurement of poverty, the interaction of poverty and domestic policy, and...

1 January 1996