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Hilary Standing

Emeritus Fellow

Hilary is a social anthropologist specialising in health systems development and reproductive and sexual health, with extensive experience of policy engagement on issues of gender and health sector reform and women’s reproductive and sexual health, and thirty years experience of work on gender and health.

Interests include household level and gender aspects of health, formal and informal care systems, gender and equity in health, the management of organisational change in health sector restructuring and improving accountability within health systems.



Realising Rights Research Programme Consortium

IDS is part of the Realising Rights Research Programme Consortium, which brings together researchers from several disciplines to focus on populations in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia with the greatest access and entitlement problems in sexual and reproductive health (SRH).


Working Paper

Engaging with Health Markets in Low and Middle-Income Countries

IDS Working Paper;443

Many low and middle-income countries have pluralistic health systems with a variety of providers of health-related goods and services in terms of their level of training, their ownership (public or private) and their relationship with the regulatory system.

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Henry Lucas & 3 others

6 May 2014

Hilary Standing’s recent work