Development Economics for Non-Economists

15 Jan 2018 until 19 Jan 2018

This unique course offers a stimulating, interactive, and entertaining introduction to the world of development economics.

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Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

22 Jan 2018 until 26 Jan 2018

This course equips policymakers and practitioners with the knowledge and skills to more effectively integrate disaster risk reduction with adaptation to climate change, in the context of development and poverty reduction.

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Enhancing Operational Effectiveness? An Analysis of Pre-deployment Training for Rwandan Tactical-level Female Military Peacekeepers

12 Feb 2018

Is this seminar, Dr. Georgina Holmes explores how gendered peacekeeping roles and identities are constructed in the pre-deployment training programme for tactical-level military peacekeepers delivered by the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF).

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"Saviours" or "Bystanders"? Framing the "International Community" in the Responsibility to Protect

12 Mar 2018

This seminar will argue that the responsibility to protect is not fit for purpose. Once we move beyond a framing of the international community as active saviours or passive bystanders, and instead recognise the already-existing economic and political interventions that both destroy livelihoods and generate a world in which ethnic cleansing, genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity are more likely to occur, we start to see that the responsibility to protect works to legitimatise devastating military interventions performed by actors that are already involved in malicious economic and political forms of intervention. Bringing into the picture these already-existing forms of intervention helps to open up avenues for demilitarising international responses to mass atrocities.

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International conference: 'Authoritarian Populism and the Rural World'

17 Mar 2018 until 18 Mar 2018

International Conference organised by The Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative (ERPI) focuses on understanding the rise of ‘authoritarian populism’ in rural settings across the world, as well as the forms of resistance occurring and the alternatives being built.

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STEPS Summer School on Pathways to Sustainability 2018

14 May 2018 until 25 May 2018

Applications are invited from highly-motivated doctoral and postdoctoral researchers working in fields around development studies, science and technology studies, innovation and policy studies, and across agricultural, health, water or energy issues.

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Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation for Learning

04 Jun 2018 until 08 Jun 2018

Professional short course that equips development planners and practitioners with the knowledge and skills to more effectively design and improving M&E systems and move towards a participatory learning practice within projects, programmes and their organisations.

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Participatory Video Processes: building inclusive engagement and community-led change

18 Jun 2018 until 22 Jun 2018

Learn how to use participatory video to drive and mediate participatory and community-led change, in an ethical and contextualized way. 

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Social Protection: policies, programmes and evidence

25 Jun 2018 until 28 Jun 2018

This course enables participants to expand their knowledge base of approaches to social protection, develop an understanding of the challenges in designing and implementing social protection programmes, and critically assess current evidence of what works in social protection.

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Transforming Nutrition: Ideas, Policies and Outcomes

16 Jul 2018 until 20 Jul 2018

This professional development course equips development policymakers and practitioners with the knowledge and skills to more effectively design, improve and implement strategic approaches to address nutrition issues at regional, national and global levels.  

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Realising Sexual Rights Event: International Workshop 2005

28 Sep 2005 until 30 Sep 2005
This workshop brought together activists, academics, practitioners and donors grappling with issues of sexuality, rights and development.
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'Queering Development Seminar Series' 2000-2001

20 Feb 2000 until 31 May 2001 Why is development so straight? Sexuality is often ignored in development studies or practice, or if included, conceived of as a narrow form of heterosexuality. In early 2000 a group of students and staff at IDS got together to talk about this. More details

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