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Alan Stanley - Digital Knowledge Manager

Knowledge and Communications for Development; Digital and Technology
T: +44 (0)1273 915776


Poppy Bardwell

Alan Stanley has over 20 years' experience developing and delivering high quality websites, digital content and publications on a broad range of development and environmental issues.

A key theme throughout his work has been promoting open and equitable access to information using digital technologies. He is manager and senior editor of Eldis – one of the leading global portals providing access to research on international development. In addition, he works on a number of different projects at IDS supporting effective knowledge sharing and research uptake. In his work on the Mobilising Knowledge for Development (MK4D) programme, the Global Open Knowledge Hub project and most recently GODAN Action, Alan has worked extensively with a range of partners to develop knowledge mobilisation approaches and online digital services relevant to developing country contexts and appropriate to specific audiences.

GODAN Action brings together agriculture and nutrition specialists and open data experts and will support GODAN in its mission by building people’s capacity to engage with open data

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The Knowledge Impact and Policy Team at IDS is supporting the HIV AIDS Alliance Secretariat in the development of an Evidence Map to make accessing and interpreting research evidence on the outcomes of their programmes quicker and easier.

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The Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF) identifies and supports innovations that have the potential to create social impact in education, health and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) across Tanzania.

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In an attempt to make better use of what is available, IDS is leading on a pilot programme which examines sets of participatory and systemic data with a view to increase understanding of how data is collected, analysed and shared in development programming.

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AgriDiet is an Irish Aid funded research programme consortium, led by University College Cork in Ireland. The overall goal of the programme is to contribute to poverty reduction through the identification of policies and interventions that can make a positive impact on the nutritional status of vulnerable rural households.

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The Global Open Knowledge Hub (GOKH) aims to improve the supply and accessibility of content that supports evidence informed policy making and practice by development actors.

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Strengthening Networks and Building Relationships to Increase the Impact of Global Development Research

Development research can contribute to improvements in policy and practice, research capacity and evidence-based policymaking processes. Achieving these kinds of impacts is most often a complex, multifaceted, political and contested process that, ultimately, depends on changing the attitudes and behaviours of key actors. This Learning Guide seeks to draw out some of the key lessons on successful approaches to developing and maintaining effective relationships and strong networks for impact. More details

This is the front cover to IDS Practice Paper InBrief, 'Making the ‘Evolutionary Leap’: Using Open Knowledge Approaches to Improve Development Outcomes'.

Making the ‘Evolutionary Leap’: Using Open Knowledge Approaches to Improve Development Outcomes

IDS Practice Paper InBrief 25 (2016)

The starting point of the Open Knowledge Hub project was our belief that the adoption of so-called ‘Open Knowledge’ approaches had the potential to improve the impact of research evidence on development outcomes and address inequalities in the visibility, accessibility and uptake of diverse knowledge about development. More details