Past Event

From dial-up to the data revolution: Learning from 20 years of digital knowledge sharing for global development

From 15 Sep 2016 9:00 until 16 Sep 2016 17:30

Institute of Development Studies

A milestone learning event to celebrate 20 years of the Eldis project.

Since 1996 Eldis and IDS have been pioneers and innovators in the use of digital technologies to support access to knowledge on global development. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary Eldis has had to continuously adapt and evolve to stay relevant in a changing global landscape and rapidly expanding digital world.

IDS is using the occasion of this 20th anniversary to host a gathering of practitioners and thinkers to reflect on the key lessons from the first 20 years (or more) of digital knowledge sharing in global development and to examine the challenges and opportunities for our sector moving forward. The two day workshop aims to:

  1. Share learning on the current ‘state-of-the-art’ in digital knowledge sharing theory and practice.
  2. Identify opportunities and build collaboration around the future role of digital knowledge sharing platforms and portals globally.
  3. Share experience of the challenges that remain in trying to achieve equitable and effective visibility and accessibility of knowledge in digital spaces.

The workshop will feature speakers and participants from leading global platforms and projects. It is targeted at knowledge brokers, communications professionals, librarians and researchers with an interest in how digital technologies and online spaces support knowledge generation, sharing and use in the context of global social and economic development.

Further details of the programme and registration instructions

A registration fee is charged to cover core expenses. Some subsidised places and other options are available.

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