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James Georgalakis

Director of Communications and Impact

James is the Director of Communications and Impact at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), helping to shape the Institute’s approach to research communications, strengthening evidence use and evaluating research impact.  As part of the Institute’s Strategic Leadership Group, James manages both IDS’ Communications and Engagement Team and its Knowledge Impact and Policy Team. He is chair of the Fundraising Ethics Committee and the Information and Communications Technology Committee.

He is also currently enrolled at the University of Bath as a Doctoral Candidate in Policy Research and Practice. His research interests relate to the role of networks and relationships in the mobilisation of research knowledge for development.

James has worked in the not-for-profit sector since 2000, predominantly in policy communications and advocacy roles. He joined the international development sector in 2005. Since joining IDS in 2010 he has played a key role in ensuring that IDS research has a real and lasting impact on policy and behaviours and strengthening the positive external perceptions and identity of the Institute.

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Much Ado About Impact?

How does research and knowledge impact on attitudes, behaviours, policy and practice? Whether you are a researcher, development studies student, NGO campaigner, policy wonk or research donor, here are some links that I’d recommend on this subject.

4 August 2017