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Business, Markets and the State
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Philip Mader is a research fellow in the Business, Markets and the State research cluster with over 8 years' research and consulting experience in the field of international development. His research areas include political economy, finance and development, youth employment, management of public goods, financialisation, financial inclusion and financial literacy, and private governance and standards.

His prior research, which focused on microfinance and its connections with poverty and financial markets, was awarded two major PhD prizes. He has research and consulting experience in India and for UK funders, and has been invited to speak at academic and practitioner events on several continents. Since 2016 he has convened the module ‘Business as a Development Actor’ on the MA Globalisation, Business and Development at IDS. He previously taught sociology, political economy and theory of knowledge at IDS and the Universities of Cologne and Basel.

There is much we still need to learn about the structure and process of business and the state interactions with regards to specific and general development issues. This project therefore aims to assess the state of play in research on state-business relations in developing countries, and outline a research agenda which builds on this foundation towards better understanding of the role of state-business relations in shaping development outcomes, including but also beyond economic growth.

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Front cover of the book "The Political Economy of Microfinance: the financialization of poverty" by Dr Philip Mader

The Political Economy of Microfinance - Financializing Poverty

This book helps to understand the enigmatic microfinance sector by tracing its evolution and asking how it works as a financial system. More details

IDS publications on international development research

Card Crusaders, Cash Infidels and the Holy Grails of Digital Financial Inclusion

Behemoth: A Journal on Civilisation 9.2 (2016)

This paper analyses the turn toward financial inclusion in general, and toward digital money and the end of cash in particular, in development policy. It examines the profit-oriented logics at work and raises critical questions about the moral crusade being waged over digitalising poor people’s money. More details


Failing Young People? Addressing the Supply-side Bias and Individualisation in Youth Employment Programming

IDS Evidence Report 216 (2017)

International development actors increasingly focus on youth employment as a key development challenge. More details


State–Business Relations Beyond Growth: Bringing in Development

IDS Evidence Report 215 (2016)

The signatories of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have called on a wide range of businesses ‘to apply their creativity and innovation’ to address sustainable development challenges. Yet the role of business in contributing to development depends profoundly on its interaction with the state. This paper asks how states and businesses interact in different contexts to shape development outcomes. More details

IDS publications on international development research

Rise and Fall of Indian Microfinance: The Andhra Pradesh Crisis in Perspective

Strategic Change 22.1-2 (2013)

The crisis of microfinance which erupted in 2010 in Andhra Pradesh has complex causes rooted in Indian history. More details

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Youth Employment and Politics.

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