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Challenging research for sustainability: transdisciplinary methods, relationships, politics and praxis

17 February 2021 14:00–16:00

As the ESRC STEPS Centre enters its final year, join us for the first in a series of virtual dialogues on methodologies, exploring the theme of ‘Challenging Research’ for sustainability.

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In this first event we discuss the ideas and praxis involved in ‘opening up’ and ‘broadening out’ sustainability research.

What does it mean to ‘open up’ research to enable plural knowledges and views to be included and considered? Why and how do we ‘broaden out’ to reveal potential pathways of development that could support diverse emancipatory futures?

This event brings together sustainability researchers from the STEPS global consortium and beyond to discuss and compare their ideas and experiences. The panel will reflect on their diverse transdisciplinary journeys, and stimulate discussion about the kinds of methodological assemblages, frameworks, tools and associated ways of being that might enable us collectively to push our praxis towards transformation.


  • Andy Stirling, STEPS/University of Sussex
  • Anabel Marin, Institute of Development Studies (IDS)
  • Lakshmi Charli-Joseph and Patricia Pérez-Belmont, LANCIS-IE-UNAM/Umbela
  • Joel Onyango and Joanes Atela, ACTS/ARIN

See the STEPS website page for full details.

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Nathan Oxley

Impact Communications and Engagement Officer

+44 (0)1273 915826


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