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Nathan Oxley

Impact Communications and Engagement Officer



System Change Hive

The System Change HIVE will explore and communicate visions of better lives to inform public thinking and work towards fairer systems that safeguard life-support systems and prioritise well-being and justice.


Future Agricultures Consortium

Future Agricultures is a network of researchers on agriculture and food policy in Africa, formed of more than 100 people working in 12 countries across Africa and in Europe.


The Rapid Transition Alliance

The climate is changing faster than we are. Rapid, transformative changes are called for to prevent climate breakdown and create the conditions for people to thrive together. Keeping to the globally-recognised 1.5 degree upper limit on global warming means significant changes in economies, lives...



Why embracing uncertainty could help us to face the future

As we prepare to enter a new decade, thoughts turn to a future that is not fully known or set in stone. What we do every day matters, but we can’t guarantee that decisions – from local initiatives to global agreements – will have the outcomes we expect. The world is complex, and...

19 December 2019


Nathan Oxley’s recent work


Call for Session Proposals: Contested Natures – Pollen Conference 2020

The Political Ecology Network (POLLEN) Third Biennial Conference will be held in Brighton, United Kingdom on 24-26 June 2020 on the theme of Contested Natures: Power, Possibility, Prefiguration. The organisers have issued a call for proposals for themed sessions in a variety of both...

7 August 2019

Past Event

The Politics of Uncertainty – Practical Challenges for Transformative Action

This international academic symposium, held at the Institute of Development Studies, will explore the theme of uncertainty – the STEPS Centre’s theme for 2019. About the symposium Thinking across diverse domains – from finance, to climate, to migration, to disease, to innovation, to...

From 3 July 2019 until 5 July 2019

Past Event

STEPS Uncertainty Series: Ilene Grabel – When Things Don’t Fall Apart

In When Things Don’t Fall Apart, Ilene Grabel makes a simple but controversial claim, based on the work of the eminent social scientist Albert O. Hirschman. Grabel argues that as concerns global financial governance and development finance we are now in a period that she calls productive...

7 May 2019


Sustainability in an uncertain world

The ESRC STEPS Centre has launched a new theme on Uncertainty, with a series of activities planned for 2019. The STEPS Centre, hosted at the Institute of Development Studies and SPRU, University of Sussex, is hosting an international symposium, The Politics of Uncertainty, in July, as...

13 February 2019