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Civil Society Work in a Changing International Landscape

8 March 2012 17:00–18:30

Chichester Lecture Theatre, University of Sussex

About the lecture
There’s been a considerable amount of focus in development journals and in the media on recent years on the changing landscape for international development. The global economic downturn, climate and environmental challenges, the increasing frequency and intensity of natural disasters, the rise of the ‘emerging’ powers, changes in the Middle East and North Africa, the economic squeeze in the UK, the stronger emphasis on transparency, results and value for money… have all significantly changed the development landscape.
How are civil society organisations responding to these changes? Have these changes made any real difference to what civil society organisations are doing, where and how? And, is it likely to make any real difference to development outcomes?
This lecture will examine how civil society is responding to these changes and the critical areas where better support from researchers and academia can help to make a real difference.
About the speaker
Roy Trivedy is Head of Civil Society Department for the Department for International Development (DFID).
He was the Team Leader for the UK’s ‘Building our Common Future’ White Paper on international development in 2009. He has previously worked for DFID in Tanzania, Central Asia and the Caucasus, and on peace-building and conflict resolution in various parts of Africa. Roy joined DFID after 20 years of working for non-governmental organisations in the UK, Mozambique, India and Malawi.


About this event

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