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Between the Lines Podcast

Podcast S02 Ep12: Battling Eight Giants: Basic Income Now – Guy Standing

From 06 Sep 2020 23:00 until 07 Sep 2020 0:00


An increasing number of countries around the world have been trialling a ‘basic income’ for their citizens, and the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for governments to reevalutate and strengthen social safety nets. The UN has called for a Temporary Basic Income, to provide a lifeline for the world’s poorest. Could something like a ‘Universal Basic Income’ help in Covid-19 recovery, and in the longer-term, help to address some of societies biggest challenges?

In this episode of Between the Lines, Phil Mader speaks with Guy Standing, a leading expert on the basic income concept, about his book, Battling Eight Giants: Basic Income Now.

This podcast is produced and edited by IDS Communications Coordinator, Sarah King.

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