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Podcast Ep 08: Radical Help – Hilary Cottam

01 May 2019 0:00


In this episode of –between the lines– IDS researcher, Richard Longhurst, speaks to Hilary Cottam about her book: ‘Radical Help: how we can remake the relationships between us and revolutionise the welfare state.’

Radical Help is about new ways of organising living and growing that have been developed with communities across Britain. Hilary argues that our 20th century system is beyond reform and suggests a new model for this century: ways of supporting the young and the old, those who are unwell and those who seek good work. At the heart of this new way of working is human connection.

Hilary studied at IDS, her career began with an international focus, working on programmes in Africa and Latin America. Many of her ideas and approaches stemmed from this international work.

This podcast is produced and edited by IDS Communications Coordinator, Sarah King. Please Send any comments and suggestions to [email protected]

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