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Carolina Szyp

Research Officer

Carolina Szyp is a Research Officer on the Better Assistance in Crises (BASIC) Research Programme at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS).

Prior to this she has worked as a Research Officer at IDS in the Rural Futures cluster doing qualitative research and research support. Her research interests include children’s work, education, youth employment in agriculture, decent work and social protection. Before joining IDS, Carolina worked in project management within academia and the private sector.



Better Assistance in Crises (BASIC) Research

The intersection of protracted conflict and displacement with recurring climate shocks, alongside the shifting nature of humanitarian responses, presents multiple challenges for how to provide social assistance more effectively in protracted crises. BASIC (Better Assistance in Crises) Research...


Action on Children’s Harmful Work in African Agriculture

Action on Children’s Harmful Work in African Agriculture (ACHA) is a seven-year research programme supported by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) that started in January 2020. The aim of the programme is to build evidence on: the forms, drivers, and experiences of...



Working Paper

Beyond Rights-Based Social Protection for Forcibly Displaced People

BASIC Research Working Paper 6

Having a right that is not respected is not the same as having no right at all. At least this should not be the case. Failure to receive something to which you are entitled should lead to formal redress or failing that, protest.

Tahir Zaman & 3 others

21 February 2022

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