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Stephany Griffith-Jones - Emeritus Fellow

Business, Markets and the State; Emeritus Fellows

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An economist working on global capital flows, with special reference to flows to emerging markets; macro-economic management of capital flows in Latin America, Eastern Europe and sub-Saharan Africa; proposals for international measures to diminish volatility of capital flows and reduce likelihood of currency crises; analysis of national and international capital markets. Proposals for international financial reform

The next World Social Science Report due to be published in 2016 will focus on the critical contemporary issues of inequalities and justice.

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IDS publications on international development research

Investment in Renewable Energy, Fossil Fuel Prices and Policy Implications for Latin America and the Caribbean

Financing for Development 264 (2017)

This paper examines if recent sharp declines in the price of oil and other fossil fuels will discourage private investment in renewable energy, which is key for climate change mitigation. The increase in private renewables investment in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region have been driven by sharp declines in costs alongside supportive policies. More details


What Can the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Learn from Other Development Banks?

IDS Policy Briefing 113 (2016)

Global development has reached a critical turning point. In addition to achieving middle-income status, several recipient countries are now also becoming donors and lenders to other developing countries. China in particular has rapidly expanded its development finance programme and launched new multilateral initiatives. More details


The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: What Can It Learn From, and Perhaps Teach To, the Multilateral Development Banks?

IDS Evidence Report 179 (2016)

A striking phenomenon of recent global economic change is the emergence of new development actors, with alternative development experiences and development financing capacity. These actors are now creating collective institutional capacity with the aim of contributing to other countries’ development. They are also increasingly influencing the path of global development. More details

This is the cover to the IDS Virtual Bulletin, 'Past, Present and Future Financing for Development'.

Past, Present and Future Financing for Development

IDS Virtual Bulletin 6 (2015)

2015 is a watershed year for international development with the world set to agree a set of Sustainable Development Goals and a new climate change agreement that will apply to all countries. More details

Front cover of IDS Bulletin 38.4, Asian Tigers: New Vulnerabilities to Crisis?

Asian Tigers: New Vulnerabilities to Crisis?

IDS Bulletin 38.4 (2007)

Much of Asia, and especially East Asia, is growing at an impressive rate, though less than before the East Asian crisis. This allows for a very significant reduction in poverty. Continued high growth in this area is crucial as it has a large proportion of the world's poor. More details

Learning the lessons of austerity

10 Jul 2018
By Richard Jolly, Stephany Griffith-Jones

The positive role of good development banks

20 May 2015
By Stephany Griffith-Jones