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Marco Carreras

Post-doctoral Fellow

Dr Marco Carreras is an economist by training and works in development economics, focusing on development banks, agricultural economics, energy and corporate taxation. He is a post-doctoral fellow in the Governance Cluster at IDS.

His ongoing research investigates the role of development banks for growth and development, gender patterns in entrepreneurship and livelihoods and drivers of agricultural commercialization. Marco holds a PhD in Science Technology and Innovation (ST&I) from the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at University of Sussex and two MSc’s, one in Economics from the University of Bologna and one in Development Economics from the University of Sussex. He teaches econometrics, statistical methods and development economics at the University of Sussex and at IDS. His past research roles include projects funded by organizations including DFID, ESRC, UNU-WIDER, UNDP among others.

Marco has qualitative and quantitative skills and his work has been published in peer reviewed journals, as working papers and policy reports. He is interested in working on India, Africa and Latin America.



Conceptualisation of Earmarked Taxes to Support Food Fortification

Food fortification is one of the most rapid, cost-effective, scalable and evidence-based impactful strategies to reach hundreds of millions to combat micronutrient malnutrition, when delivered as intended (Horton, 2006, Keats et al., 2019; Mbuya et al., 2020; Saha et al, 2021). However, the...


Promoting Opportunities for Women’s Empowerment and Rights (POWER)

ActionAid is implementing the Promoting Opportunities for Women’s Empowerment and Rights (POWER) project, a five-year initiative (2016-2020) supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands under the Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women (FLOW) 2 funding mechanism. The...


Working Paper

Technology and Tax: Adoption and Impacts of E-services in Rwanda

ICTD Working Paper; 153

Many low-income countries are increasingly digitising various tax services, usually motivated by efforts to increase efficiency and transparency and reduce the burden of compliance for taxpayers. However, where awareness and adoption are suboptimal, tax e services may produce only partial...

30 January 2023


Using New Data to Support Tax Treaty Negotiation

This paper introduces the new Tax Treaties Explorer dataset, developed with support from the World Bank and the G-24, and illustrates its use for research by tax treaty negotiators, policy makers, and researchers. The new dataset provides a rich source of data to reexamine existing tax treaty...

Martin Hearson
Martin Hearson & 2 others

9 July 2021

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The Governance research cluster works across a number of thematic areas that are focused on ensuring citizens are represented and governed fairly in a world of changing state authorities. Our work critically examines public authority and the institutions, networks and politics that shape it....


Rural Futures

Through our research, policy engagement, teaching and training, we support the emergence of development pathways that deliver both greater social justice and sustainability for rural people and places, while recognising their important interconnections with urban areas and the links between...