BASIC Research Theme Brief

Cash and Livelihoods in Contexts of Conflict and Fragility

Published on 4 February 2022

Multiple efforts have been made in recent years to introduce cash transfers augmented by livelihood support (‘cash-plus’) into protracted crisis contexts to support lives and livelihoods. Yet, little learning has been generated about how to design and implement these effectively and under what conditions.

This brief summarises the state of the evidence and debate, gaps in the evidence, and directions for research that emerge from the thematic paper on cash-plus in protracted crises characterised by conflict and fragility. We identify distinct objectives and patterns of cash-plus provision across different conflict-social protection contexts. A dearth of evidence on impacts of these programmes remains. This has implications for future work in the area of cash assistance and livelihoods in protracted crisis settings. We identify a number of key questions to guide further research.

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Lind, J.; Sabates-Wheeler, R. and Szyp, C. (2022) Cash and Livelihoods in Contexts of Conflict and Fragility, BASIC Research Theme Brief, Brighton: Institute of Development Studies, DOI: 10.19088/BASIC.2022.028


Jeremy Lind

Professorial Fellow

Rachel Sabates-Wheeler

Research Fellow

Carolina Holland-Szyp

Research Officer

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Institute of Development Studies


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