Taxing Africa: Coercion, Reform and Development

Published on 15 July 2018

Taxation has been seen as the domain of charisma-free accountants, lawyers and number crunchers – an unlikely place to encounter big societal questions about democracy, equity or good governance.

Yet it is exactly these issues that pervade conversations about taxation among policymakers, tax collectors, civil society activists, journalists and foreign aid donors in Africa today. Tax has become viewed as central to African development.

Written by leading international experts, Taxing Africa offers a cutting-edge analysis on all aspects of the continent’s tax regime, displaying the crucial role such arrangements have on attempts to create social justice and push economic advancement. From tax evasion by multinational corporations and African elites to how ordinary people navigate complex webs of ‘informal’ local taxation, the book examines the potential for reform, and how space might be created for enabling locally-led strategies.

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Image of Mick Moore
Mick Moore

Professorial Fellow

Image of Wilson Prichard
Wilson Prichard

IDS Research Fellow and ICTD Research Director

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Zed Books
Moore, M., Prichard, W. and Fjeldstad, O. D.
978 1 78360 453 1


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