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Wilson Prichard

Joint Research Director, International Centre for Tax and Development

Dr Wilson Prichard’s research focuses on the relationship between taxation and citizen demands for improved governance in Sub-Saharan Africa. He is the Joint Research Director of the International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD). His previous work has focused on political economy in Sub-Saharan Africa, including foreign investment, the formulation of economic policy and trade liberalization, and he has worked in several countries in Africa.

He previously received degrees from the Institute of Development Studies and Harvard University. Prior to arriving at IDS he worked as a development policy activist in Washington D.C., with a focus on HIV/AIDS and international trade. He is currently also involved in teaching economics.

Languages: English and French (fluent).

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Wilson Prichard’s recent work


Tax Reform for Low Income Countries: Five Ideas for Simplifying Tax Systems to Fit Local Realities

Published by ICTD and IDS

There is no silver bullet to strengthen the tax systems of low-income countries. Dramatic changes in tax systems and tax collection are rare. Successful improvements more often involve a great deal of hard and steady work, and the gradual construction of popular trust and (grudging) support for reform. There remains, however, space for ‘organising ideas’ that can help identify potentially underexplored and underexploited opportunities for reform.

28 June 2018


Informal Taxation in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone: Taxpayers’ Experiences and Perceptions

In low-income and post-conflict countries, and particularly in rural areas, citizens often pay a range of 'taxes' that differ substantially from statutory policies. These 'informal taxes', paid to a variety of state and non-state actors, are frequently overlooked in analyses of local systems of taxation. This is problematic as it leads to misunderstandings of individual and household tax burdens, as well as of systems of local governance.

1 March 2017


Rebuilding Local Government Finances After Conflict: Lessons from a Property Tax Reform Programme in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone

Published by Taylor and Francis

This research interrogates the factors underpinning the relative success of a property tax reform programme in Sierra Leone. Recognising the importance of politics in shaping reform outcomes, it highlights reform strategies that have contributed to overcoming both technical and political barriers to reform.

12 May 2016


The ICTD Government Revenue Dataset

This paper explains why existing sources of data on government revenue in developing countries are flawed, and how this undermines the robustness of research on the role of revenue and taxation in development. It presents a new Government Revenue Dataset to improve data accuracy and coverage.

1 April 2016