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Food Aid: The Challenge and the Opportunity

Food aid has played a key role in responding to the extreme poverty and disasters afflicting millions of people in the developing world. It is at the centre of much political discussion, both nationally and internationally. Despite notable successes there is doubt and criticism about the...

1 January 1987


The World Economy Since the War: The Politics of Uneven Development

This book, written by a former IDS Fellow, analyses the development and transformation of international organizations through the post-war boom, the ensuing recession, the changing strengths of the capitalist countries and the evolving crisis of development experienced in the Third World.

1 January 1985


Developmental States in East Asia: Editorial Introduction


The papers in this IDS Bulletin focus on different aspects of the historical experience of state economic involvement in three East Asian NICs, one socialist (China) and two capitalist (Taiwan and South Korea).

17 August 1984