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China: Zimbabwe’s ‘all-weather friend’

At the end of last year, President Xi Jinping dropped in to Harare en route to South Africa and the major FOCAC (Forum on China-Africa Cooperation) meeting, held every few years, where $60bn was pledged for African development.

18 January 2016


Workshop: Climate Change and Uncertainty from Above and Below

27-28 January New Delhi, India Uncertainty is often considered to be a "super wicked problem" or "monster" by scientists and policy makers. The integration of uncertainty in climate change decision-making is very much debated and disputed by scientists.

13 January 2016


In search of transformations at COP21

The International Social Science Council has published interviews from the COP21 climate conference with three researchers who are part of their ‘Transformations to Sustainability programme’. The interviewees include STEPS researcher Adrian Ely.

5 January 2016


Bats, people and a complex web of disease transmission

Bats can be important transmitters of new, 'emerging' diseases around the world, some of which go on to become pandemic. New research is discovering the complex interactions between bats and humans that help these diseases to spread.

5 January 2016