Ben O’Donovan-Iland

Ben O’Donovan-Iland

Communications and Impact Officer

Ben is a Communications and Impact Officer in the Knowledge, Impact and Policy Cluster. He is working on a portfolio of projects, including the Knowledge, Evidence and Learning for Development Programme (K4D).

Previously, he has worked for Bond, Seva Mandir, 50by40 and as a freelance editorial designer. He has a Masters’ in Media Practice for Development and Social Change from the University of Sussex, and a Bachelors’ in Film and Media from the University of Sunderland.



Afghanistan Strategic Learning Initiative (ASLI)

As a part of the Afghanistan Strategic Learning Initiative, IDS led a workshop exploring needs and vulnerability in Afghanistan. Leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of leading global think tanks working on Afghanistan and aid issues, the resulting report will be based on analysis...


K4D Learning Products

K4D produces a variety of Learning Products to support and enhance learning and update alongside the Helpdesk Reports. The majority of these are commissioned through Learning Journeys although some are to support individual events such as professional development conferences, or...



Embracing equity in different contexts this International Women’s Day

This International Women's Day (8 March) falls after a year in which we have seen the continuation of gender backlash forces around the world. Women's reproductive rights are being increasingly targeted, online gender based violence is multiplying in diverse contexts, and in many settings...

10 March 2023


Countering online gender backlash in Uganda

This year, Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) is thrilled to join the Countering Backlash programme. WOUGNET’s emphasis will be to identify and explore the key drivers of gender backlash, particularly looking at the relationship between online and offline contributors to gender backlash in the...

Peace Oliver Amuge, WOUGNET & 2 others

23 February 2023


7 principles for doing meaningful research communications

At IDS, we believe that evidence-based research plays a vital role in bringing about a more equitable and sustainable world. And to achieve this, we are committed to communicating research beyond academic audiences and journal articles. However, we are very aware of the responsibility we...

15 February 2022

Ben O’Donovan-Iland’s recent work

Upcoming Event

Backlash against gender justice globally: What does it mean for development?

A panel debate where the chair will engage a panel of international experts in a topical discussion on questions for development arising from a swell of anti-gender backlash across the world: ‘What is it?’, ‘How should development adapt?’ etc. The audience will be invited to ask...

13 June 2023

Past Event

Youth employment and political representation in Africa

The population in sub-Saharan Africa is the fastest growing and the youngest in the world, yet the politicians ruling them are typically among the oldest. In some East African countries, the current rulers are yesterday’s rebels. Some have developed a range of authoritarian practices to stay...

24 May 2023

Past Event

Revisiting the UN Water Conference: 46 years of learning and forgetting?

This event examines the progress and challenges that have shaped water and development from Mar-del- Plata (1977) to the upcoming UN Water Conference in New York City (2023). Speakers will focus on key achievements and missed opportunities, and reflect on what’s proposed at New York in terms...

14 March 2023

Past Event

Engaging men and boys on gender issues in India

Global progress on gender equality is under attack. Engaging men and boys on gender issues is a key way we can counter gender backlash. Register to attend Watch online Join Countering Backlash, Men Against Violence and Abuse, and Men end FGM for an interactive discussion about methods,...

14 July 2022