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Tessa Lewin

Research Fellow

Tessa Lewin is a Zimbabwean/South African currently based in the UK. She is a social scientist and digital media artist with experience in action research and project management. She is a leading innovator in the use of diverse audio-visual technologies in development research, with substantial experience as a trainer in this regard.

She is currently a Research Fellow and Communications Manager for Pathways of Women’s Empowerment.

Thematic Interest

Media, communication, digital technology, gender, sexuality, film, arts-based and visual methodologies.

Selected other Projects



Journal Article

New Roles for Communication in Development?


This Bulletin explores the significant shift in the landscape of research communications in development in recent years and how this might give us new understandings of what drives social change and policy influence.

1 September 2012

Journal Article

Sexuality and Empowerment: An Intimate Connection

Pathways Policy Paper

This policy paper demonstrates why sexuality is so important for women’s empowerment, drawing on evidence generated by research carried out by the Pathways of Women’s Empowerment RPC and collaborative initiatives with the DFID-funded IDS Sexuality and Development Programme.

1 October 2011

Journal Article

Digital Storytelling

We know that good communication is a two-way process. To engage the public and have an impact on the people who shape policy we need real stories, told by people in their own words, on their own terms. But there is an inherent tension between making a communication product that speaks for...

1 January 2011

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