Jamie Myers

Jamie Myers

Research and Learning Manager

Jamie is the Research and Learning Manager for the Sanitation Learning Hub jointly overseeing the activities of the Hub. He works on timely, relevant and actionable learning activities in the sanitation and hygiene sector.

His focus is on learning about, understanding, promoting and sharing good practices, ideas and innovations in participatory, community-centred sanitation and hygiene programmes and policies. He is particularly interested in developing, documenting and spreading different research methodologies that improve learning and support positive change on the ground, and in looking at ways of capturing field realities and community perspectives that can then feed into policy/practice discussions.

His focus is global and looks at sanitation and hygiene programming across Africa. Asia and the Pacific. Prior to this role, he was the Research Officer for the Community-Led Total Sanitation Knowledge Hub for five years.

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The Sanitation Learning Hub

Together with partners around the world, our focus is to support and strengthen the sector to tackle the complex challenges it faces in delivering the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6.2.



More than 6.2: Highlighting WASH in other SDGs

Research published by UCL in 2021 highlighted synergies between sanitation and all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Despite this many water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) actors operate in isolation, with few opportunities for learning from across sectors. Over the years, here at the...

24 February 2022


The Partial Usage of Toilets

The partial usage of toilets is a frontier subject for Community-Led Total Sanitation as well as the broader sanitation sector. Some members of a household may not use a toilet at all, while others may only use it some of the time.

18 February 2016


Journal Article

Galvanising and Fostering Sub-National Government Leadership for Area-Wide Sanitation Programming

H2Open Journal 5 (1)

Government leadership at both the national and sub-national levels is an essential step towards ensuring safely managed sanitation services for all. Though the importance of sub-national government leadership for water, sanitation and hygiene is widely acknowledged, to date much of the focus...

Mable Chanzu & 10 others

16 March 2022


Rapid Action Learning for Sanitation and Hygiene Programming

Frontiers of Sanitation: Innovations and Insights 15

This issue of Frontiers of Sanitation describes four Rapid Action Learning approaches that have been developed and tested in India by IDS and partners to support the Swachh Bharat Mission – Gramin, and encourages others to use them, to innovate other approaches, and to share their...

Jamie Myers
Jamie Myers & 2 others

21 September 2020

Jamie Myers’s recent work

Past Event

Monitoring and evaluation of rural sanitation and hygiene

This webinar will introduce the recently published guidelines and framework for monitoring and evaluation of rural sanitation and hygiene, and explain some of the main features of the documents. Andy Robinson, author of the guidelines and framework, will discuss the aims of the work, and how...

6 April 2022


Monitoring sanitation campaigns: Targets, reporting and realism

The Sanitation Learning Hub’s latest Frontiers of Sanitation edition shares key lessons learnt from government sanitation campaigns around the world, including India, China, Nigeria, Vietnam and Zambia. It is a vital learning resource for ongoing and future government campaigns aiming to end...

28 July 2021


Timely, relevant and actionable sanitation programming essential for SDG 6

With just 10 years to achieve the 2030 target of safely managed sanitation for all, we need to learn rapidly to make real progress. Over the past few years, the Sanitation Learning Hub, in collaboration with, the Government of India, Praxis, WSSCC and WaterAid India, have been developing...

21 September 2020