Photo of Linda Waldman, KNOTS Research Fellow

Linda Waldman - Director of Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning; Health and Nutrition; Cities; Digital and Technology
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Annie Lowden

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Robin Coleman no longer works at IDS. Instead you can contact him via his freelancing digital marketing and communications business, Like Digital Comms.

Previously, Robin's role had developed from project managing and managing the Content Management System based website to a focus on developing the digital communications strategy innovating social media and web technologies.

Livestock, Livelihoods and Health is an interdisciplinary research programme exploring diseases that can be transmitted from wild or domesticated animals to people (known as zoonoses).

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This project examines the impact of the rise of non-communicable diseases in low- and middle-income countries.

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The STEPS Centre is an interdisciplinary global research and policy engagement hub, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. It aims to develop a new approach to understanding, action and communication on sustainability and development.

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This research project was initiated and conceptualised in the framework of the Poverty Environment Partnership (PEP), an informal network of around 30-donor and non-governmental organisations that works on strengthening the nexus between poverty reduction and environmental protection in development cooperation.

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The Development Studies Learning Partnership was created under the BRICS Initiative in 2011, and enables collaborative learning between traditional and emerging actors in development, be they academics, researchers, practitioners or policy-makers.

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Accountability in Health Systems and the Potential of mHealth

IDS Working Paper 490 (2017)

The rapid spread of information and communication technologies (ICTs) (and of mobile phones in particular) across low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) has generated considerable excitement in development circles regarding their potential to revolutionise service delivery in health systems. More details

This is the front cover of MAVC Research Report ICT-facilitated accountability and engagement in health systems: a review of Making All Voices Count mHealth for accountability projects.

ICT-Facilitated Accountability and Engagement in Health Systems: a Review of Making All Voices Count mHealth for Accountability Projects

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) and mHealth innovations hold great potential to improve health systems and health outcomes while at the same time enhancing citizen engagement and accountability. Yet there has been little assessment of the impact of mHealth innovations on the ground. More details

Thematic Expertise:
Citizenship; Environment; Gender; Health; Zoonoses; Industry; Science and Society; Sexuality; Work and Labour.

Related Programmes and Centres:
Empowerment of Women and Girls; Policy Anticipation Response and Evaluation; Sexuality Poverty and Law; Sexuality and Development Programme; STEPS.

Geographic Expertise:
Sub Saharan Africa; India; South Africa; United Kingdom.