K4D Learning Journey on Supporting a Demographic Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa

Countries in sub-Saharan Africa are on a trajectory of an historically unique period of rapid population growth. Between now and 2050 the continent’s population is projected to double to 2.5 billion. Infant mortality rates have been declining and in most countries fertility rates are falling as well, although at a slower pace compared to other regions.

This Learning Journey aimed to improve HMG’s capacity, understanding and influence in seizing the opportunity to accelerate a demographic transition and potentially unlock a demographic dividend in partner countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The focus was on increased understanding of how to accelerate the decline in fertility alongside human capital investment and other supportive social and economic policies that offer a potential for economic growth, prosperity and poverty reduction in the context of sub-Saharan Africa.

This Learning Journey was designed for HMG demographic transition advisers and advisers and policy leads on other topics (e.g. health, prosperity, climate change, governance) with an interest in updating their knowledge and strengthen their competencies and skills on the demographic transition and potential of a demographic dividend in sub-Saharan Africa and how demographic trends influence their work.

For more information about this Learning Journey, please contact Evert-jan Quak (IDS), Lead Researcher, at [email protected] or Paul Knipe (IDS), K4D Programme Manager at [email protected].

*Please note this Learning Journey is now closed*

Helpdesk Reports

Helpdesk Report 911
The Link Between Demography and Labour Markets in sub-Saharan Africa
Evert-jan Quak
​​​​​​​20 January 2021

Helpdesk Report 900
The Linkages Between Population Change and Climate Change in Africa
Roz Price
November 2020

Emerging Issues Report 38
The Relationship Between Population Growth, Age Structure, Conflict, and Governance in Sub- Saharan Africa
Dylan O’Driscoll
October 2020

Emerging Issues Report 30
Evidence of Successful Interventions and Policies to Achieve a Demographic Transition in sub-Saharan Africa: Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Malawi
Evert-jan Quak and Kerina Tull
June 2020
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Opinion pieces

Linking demography with conflict, labour markets, and climate change
Evert-jan Quak
8 February 2021

Lessons from African champion countries for demographic transition
Evert-jan Quak
29 June 2020

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